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    Our purchasing teams come to you and are equipped to operate in the field

    Trade Risk will tailor a purchase process to suit individual suppliers, and we will then contract to regular ongoing purchase schedules. Following the initlal supply chain audit and verification by our compliance team we will set up collection and payment systems to suit our suppliers. If required, we will arrange all administration, payment of government levies and taxes and transportation. Trade Risk purchasing teams can visit the remote facilities of our fully accredited producers to test and buy at source, if required.

    Supplier Due Diligence

    Our supplier acceptance and product audits follow OECD Responsible Supply Chain Sourcing processes, and we will complete this stage by stage in every case, with particular emphasis on Red Flag Methodology.

    It is vital for us to determine the precise source of material purchased, and to ensure that the quantities involved are credible in the context of the seller's operations. Likewise we need to establish the legality of all parties involved, and so deep due diligence will be conducted on all parties involved. We will employ the latest methods and practice to 'fingerprint' the materials involved, so as to be able to independentally verify the source of supply.

    We must:

    Obtain evidence of the factual circumstances of gold extraction, processing, trade, handling, transport and export (if applicable). We must complement the steps we are taking to progressively collect the following information by referring to OECD guidance to assist and enable artisanal and small-scale miners to build secure, transparent and verifiable gold supply chains:
    Identification of the suppliers of all other sources of Mined Gold using reliable, independent source documents, data or information; any information on the government, political or military affiliations of those suppliers including in particular any reported instances of affiliation with non-state armed groups and/or public or private security forces; and the geographic sourcing area those suppliers.
    The mine(s) of origin, transportation routes and points where gold is traded.
    The artisanal mining team or association, and an assessment of whether they can be considered to be involved in Legitimate Artisanal and SmallScale Mining (see Definitions).
    Methods of gold processing and transportation.
    Taxes, royalties and fees paid to government agencies and officials.
    Identification and “know your counterparty” information of all third party service providers handling the gold (e.g. logistics, processors and transportation companies) or providing security at mine sites and along transportation routes. The identification should comprise the following measures, but the extent to which such measures are carried out should be determined on a risk sensitive basis:
    1. identification of the ownership (including beneficial ownership) and corporate structure, including the names of corporate officers and directors);
    2. identification of the related businesses, subsidiaries, parents, affiliates;
    3. verification of the identity of the companies using reliable, independent source documents, data or information (e.g. business registers, extract, certificate of incorporation);
    4. checking government watchlist information (e.g. UN sanctions lists, OFAC Specially Designated Nationals Lists, World-Check search);
    5. identification of any affiliation of the company with the government, political parties, military, criminal networks or non-state armed groups, including in particular any reported instances of affiliation with non-state armed groups and/or public or private security forces.

    Compliant process and practice

    Purchasing Process

    Fast, Efficient and Secure

    TRADE RISK are very flexible mineral purchasing partners capable of operating around the world. We will make a project team available to work with our suppliers to make sure we establish a compliant and workable purchasing solution. We understand the particular needs and difficulties of small scale operators and our staff will work with you to make your business work. 

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